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At Issue: Many drugs are set aside because they do not meet required safety and efficacy standards.


The L9 Process allows for the potential of these failed medicines to multiply their efficacy rates given their bio-absorption rates are increased


The L9 Process allows for the potential of these failed medicines to dramatically decrease their toxicity and deleterious side affects to a fraction of what their current toxicity rates are, by drastically decreasing their necessary prescribed dosages.


The L9 Process allow one to patent and gain approval for failed drugs with new increased bioavailability.


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L9 BioScience’s prime market focus is the next wave in the pharmaceutical industry: RxIdentic "BioBetter" ™ 

RxIdentic "BioBetter"™  Medicine

A RxIdentic "BioBetter"™ is a biologic medical product highly similar to another already approved biological medicine.  RxIdentic "BioBetters"™ are approved according to the same standards of pharmaceutical quality, safety and efficacy that apply to all biological medicines. RxIdentic "BioBetters"™ are officially approved versions of original “innovator” products.  Reference to the innovator product is an integral component of the approval process as a new drug. 

This is different than a generic. A generic is a copy of the original innovator’s formula whose patent has expired. A RxIdentic "BioBetter"™ is a new patented drug that is almost identical to a previously approved biological product, with no clinically meaningful differences in safety or efficacy.

The global RxIdentic "BioBetter"™ market is expected to reach $61 billion by 2025.

This growth is attributed to factors such as the patent expiry of biologic products, the launch of new RxIdentic "BioBetters"™, the rising incidence of chronic disorders, and the emergence of new market participants.

The emergence of this market represents an interesting opportunity for BioPharma firms in the global healthcare landscape.

L9’s Chief Scientist has demonstrated the L9 Technology’s ability to develop RxIdentic "BioBetters"™.

Example: Recently, a new partnership was created between a German Pharma, Stada (annual revenues of over $3.5 Billion CAD) and Icelandic Pharma, Alvotech for the commercialization of 7 Biosimilars in all key markets. 

Their initial pipeline contains Biosimilar candidates aimed at treating autoimmunity, oncology and inflammatory conditions as well as ophthalmology for patients around the world.

The originator products of the 7 Biosimilar targets currently generate over $50 billion in sales globally.”

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New industry partnerships are being created globally to catch this wave.


Check out more information on our business model and case studies

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